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Mitsubishi City Multi 

Rock Valley HVAC Inc.  has worked hard to learn all of Mitsubishi Electric’s design and service criteria for their expanding array of highly efficient HVAC products. We diligently provide our end clients with a highly efficient, completely comfortable heating and air conditioning system. Our working relationship with Mitsubishi engineering staff has proven successful in obtaining custom designs and installations for the correctly sized VRF system to fit whatever comfort need you may have.

Our mission is to provide quality in all aspects of our relationships.  It begins the moment we are approached and engaged with the need, and as the relationship continues, it flows through to the: design, construction, commission, preventative maintenance, and service phases. 

Air Conditioner

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The benefits of a Rock Valley Mitsubishi System Install:

  • High efficiency 

  • Unlimited zoning capability down to the smallest and up to the largest of spaces 

  • The ability to run AC and heating simultaneously in order to keep different zones all comfortable no matter what time of year it is. 

  • Remote monitoring and remote temperature control 

  • The full backing of Mitsubishi support 

  • Extended warranties, special training, and additional service support is afforded to our customers.  

  • Our management staff is regularly trained in City Multi Commercial Applications.  


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